Here are a just a few of Texas favorite Game Fish Species. Click on the appropriate box for a brief summary of the species habits, fishing stratagegies, and records. Other species will be added to the list in weeks to come. If you have any preference to a particular game fish let us know and we will be glad to add it to the list!!!

Texas Game fish species

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Inland Species


Speckled Trout Redfish Black Drum Southern Flounder Bonefish
Hard Heads Gafftop Snook Tarpon Sheephead
Spanish Mackerel Crevalle Jack Florida Pompano Ribbonfish Scamp
Striped Bass Pig Fish Atlantic Needlefish Croaker Sand Trout
Souther King Whiting Spot Croaker Gulf King Whiting Ladyfish Pinfish
Knobbed Porgy Pigfish Gulf Flounder


Offshore Species


Sailfish Blue Marlin Amberjack Cubera Snapper King Mackerel
Cobia Red Snapper Barracuda Dolphin Wahoo
Bonito Blackfin Tuna Bluefin Tuna Jewfish Nassau Grouper
Rainbow Runner Swordfish Triggerfish Tripletail Cero Mackerel
Blue Runner White Marlin Yellowfin Tuna Little Tunny Atlantic Bonito
Dog Snapper Gray Snapper Lane Snapper Mutton Snapper Vermillion Snapper
Yellowtail Snapper Rock Hind Warsaw Grouper Gag Scamp
Barred Grunt Bermuda Chub Atlantic Cutlassfish Least Puffer Atlantic Spadefish
Gray Triggerfish

Rays and Sharks

Lesser Electric Ray Roundel Skate Cownose Ray Atlantic Stingray Bull Shark
Sandbar Shark Dusky Shark Tiger Shark Lemon Shark Sand Tiger
Sharp Nose Shark Thresher Shark Mako Shark Silky Shark Great Hammerhead
Bonnethead Shark Blacktip Shark Spinner Shark

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