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Fishing Pages! 

Dedicated to the Texas Gulf Coast Angler.

As the saying goes all good things must come to an end.. Although the decision to completely quit doing the Hammer-Time Fishing Pages has yet to be made. We regret to say other things have come up forcing  us not to commit as much time to the pages as would like. Unfortunately these circumstances have taken their toll on the pages in a negative effect that we don't feel meet the criteria that we set out to achieve when the pages were conceived. 

So in the best interest of the pages we are taking a 4 month vacation from updating the contents of the pages. Although the pages will continue to be online for the time being, the fishing reports and articles will not be refreshed from time to time.. Again we regret any inconvenience this may bring to our readers at this time we just are not able to keep up with the pages. 

We greatly appreciate all the help that we have had over the years in contributions from jokes to reports from all of you out there. Without all the help these pages could not have been as successful and fun doing without all of your assistance. So to those that sent in your contributions and complaints give yourself a big pat on the back and Thanks Again

And although nothing has been set in stone we will be going off line for a while hopefully to be back up in a few short month. So hope to see you out on the water and here's hoping you and the family have a great Holiday Season... Till Whenever.. 

Keith at Hammer-Time

One last thought before I sign off, the past CCA  Tournament saw 3 out of the 4 truck and boat combination winners were anglers under the legal age of driving. Nice to see more Texas Anglers out there are investing in the future of the sport by taking them Younguns fishing. So for those individuals that won and all the ones that didn't give yourself and those older anglers that took you out a big pat on the back. Keep up the good work!!! And remember keep what you need and release the rest for another day.... 




Here are some short summaries of what the Hammer-Time Fishing Pages are all about.

Hot Spot of the Month: are articles written by our staff or guest authors about fishing various location along the Texas Coast. last revised: 8/05/00

Article of the Month: basically the same as above, but may also contain some information that is relative to fishing Texas but not actually a fishing destination. last revised: 8/14/00

Texas Fishing: Just a general category. Some months may contain a fishing destination off the beaten path or maybe just some nice place to visit not even in Texas that our readers may find interesting. Last revised:   7/17/00

The Tackle Box: A section about what's new and how to maintain your fishing equipment from trailer wheels to waders. last revised: 5/29/00

Jokes of the Week: A weekly section of good humor jokes sent in by readers to help brighten up a readers week. last revised: 8/22/00

Weekly Reports: A weekly report section that isn't always weekly but we are always trying. It is strictly readers supported so if you have some info. send them in.

Confusions Tip for the Angler: Some tip that every angler should find helpful and sole-searching in there quest to find true piece in achieveing fishing tranquility. 6/01/00



Keith Nelson
For information about these pages, email me

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