Springtime is when fish and fishermen
both move into the bays

Summertime the only thing hotter than the Texas sun
is the grease in the frying pan


Easiest way to spot a weekend angler
is by his Raccoon eyes


Beware of sunscreen tag artist


Difference between bait shrimp and table shrimp
one is destine for the hook the other the pot


A picture never lies
unless the angler owns a computer


Never trust a skinny cook
Never trust any kind of angler


Anglers fish story is only limited
by the length of his or her arms


Sharp hooks are essential for catching fish
also good at catching anglers


Lures that look good to fishermen
usually don't to fish


More expensive the lure the better it is at hanging on underwater objects


Best time to change fishing line is
right before you lose your last fish


The longer a fish runs
the smaller your reel becomes


Oyster reef are seldom given much attention
until angler become one with his enviorment


Fishermen who are not adaptable
are also very predictable


Best laid plans become hard to read
after a Summer Squall


Difference between Binimi and Bikini is
one get you hot the other keeps you from it


High tide will get you places you would otherwise
not be able to reach, which may also include trouble


Man who fishes surf without life jacket
also doubles as bouy marker for riptides


Wader who does not practice the stingray shuffle
is also good at the #@$% that hurts jig


Bass anglers fishing saltwater are easy to spot
especially when lippin speckled trout


The distance an angler travel offshore seems
twice as far as the return trip


The only place a fish looks better than a hook
is a plate


Hardheads are Mother Natures way
of trying anglers patiences


The bigger the fish, the better the fight
and the quicker he should be released


Baitfish not only draw fish but anglers as well


The art of fishing is only as good as the canvas
the angler paints on


The only thing harder to find than a good hot spot
are anglers that find them in the first place


Muddy flats are a tennis shoe graveyard


Your kidneys will always tell you
when the waves are too big


Anchors will not always hang onto the rocks
but boats enverable will


The only thing worse than a storytelling angler
is one that is not


Boats come and go
but fishing partner last a lifetime


Sunrises are God introduction to the fishing Bible
Sunsets are the final testaments


Any angler worth his or her salt
usually has a few limes and Tequila mixed in