The Best of Confusion



Fisherman that pratices catch and release,

will have fish in future to practice with.


A fishermen's story is only limited to the length of his arms.


Two best days of boatowners life
When he first purchases boat,
When he finally sells boat


E = MC2
Patience = Hook ups
Experience = fish landed
Fishing = good times
good times = memories


A fisherman without a camera, is like artist without his brush..


Fishing is not a waste of time,
it is a waste of time not fishing..


Sunrise and Sunsets are not only pleasing to the eye,
But also good for the soul.


Seagulls are the Hyenas of the oceans.


Always pay close attention to fisherman with little boat and big ice chest..


Children who fish are like magnets, they not only attract fish but also memories..


A boat will show signs of true intelligence during cold fronts
They usually sit at docks and refuse to get out into the bays!


Winter is best time for ugly fishermen
those bandit mask are not only essential, but a blessing!


Boat named Titanic should be avoided during winter months!


Weather and children are alot alike
usually if they are in their teens it's not much fun to fish with em!



If by a miracle it starts to snow when you are out on the water
it is not considered bad etiquette to build a snowman for the bow of the boat!


If you can't stand the cold
get out of the freezer!


The bigger a mans boat
The smaller his rod!


Man who fishes for his food
Should not pee off side of boat!


Those fishermen who keep all they catch
Will someday have nothing to catch to keep!!