Hammer-Time Fishing Web Site upgrades

Hammer-Time's been moved to a new faster (400 Mhz) web server

Search Capability

Hammer-Time's chat room has gone "big time" with "real time"

Dateline -- Saturday, November 21, 1998
Z-Factor Systems the hosting web services for Hammer-Time Fishing announced today ...
Faster Web Server
We are really pleased with the great response that  Keith Nelson's  Hammer-Time Fishing has been getting, and the great job that he's been doing with his Hammer-Time Site.  In appreciation of that we've moved Hammer-Time Fishing to a new 400 MHz Web Server so that we can improve the level of service to the Hammer-Time Fishing's many "customers".  The move was completed on Saturday (53/98) and there's more below...
Search Hammer Time's Web Site
Now you can search for specific words and phrases in the Hammer-Time Pages.
Hammer-Time Conference Room upgraded.
Upgraded the Hammer-Tiime Conference Room software.
It should be faster and the Chat Room has been changed. Now Chat is provided in "real-time" using IRC Technology (Internet Relay Chat), there's a help page.  If your not familiar with IRC let us suggest that you e-mail a Hammer-Time friend and make arrangements to meet in the Hammer-Time Chat Room at a specific time.
Added EMail Support, Now you can participate in the Conference Room via E-Mail. To find out more goto the "More Options" Menu Item and click on the "Mailing Lists" link.
It also has other features that we will be adding as time permits.

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For Further Information Contact:
Z-Factor Systems
Tel: (281) 373-9857
FAX: (800) 681-9982
e-mail: info@zfactor.com
URL: http://www.zfactor.com

11/21/98 08:39 PM