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The Official Hammer-Time seafood recipe page
is now on the net.

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Our crack team of staff writers will be contacting your and our favorite eateries in this great state of ours. Although it will mainly be a seafood recipe section of our pages. We feel that would be doing a disservice to our readers. After-all there a numerous great restaurants in the state that serve great menu items besides just seafood. That we all have grown to addicted too when we get a night on the town. The only criteria that all the Hammer-Time recipes must meet are they must be an appropriate recipe that would taste great while on the beach house deck, sipping a cold one, watching the sunset!!! And secondly we must be able to contact the establishment for permission to feature their recipe. Other than that we aren't to particular here at Hammer-Time!!!

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If you have a favorite haunt that you can't seem to stay away from because featured items are so delicious. And feel they would make a welcome addition to the recipe section. Drop us a line with their name, location, phone number and menu item. Our crack team of writers/beggars will contact them and try to get them featured on page. Also if you own a restaurant that would like to be featured on this section, please contact us here at Hammer-Time. All featured restaurants are listed for free as a service to our readers. So drop by in the near future for any new recipes that we have added since your last visit Onfy online. Hopefully this will offer you with another way to prepare that batch of trout you have recently caught. After all they gave you a thrill when catching them. You now can cook them up in a manner fitting their reputation!!!!!!!!


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