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The Hammer-Time Gang!

jay2.GIF (2836 bytes)

Jay's Red

double1a.GIF (2837 bytes)

Double Trouble!

Wadestin Time

Michael's first red...

California Style fishin

Dad's black drum

SheepsHead1.GIF (3034 bytes)

State Record Sheepshead..

Carol's King...

lisa1.GIF (3051 bytes)

Lisa's red..

bain1.GIF (3534 bytes)

The Bain Bunch...

King Ranch Red

Chuck's Red..

The Outlaw Bunch..

Nita's King...

Snapper, Kings kind of day..

Hook me up crew..

Gary's Gang

Justin and Chris

Bob's big King

neslon1.GIF (3319 bytes)

Mr. Cashes Sheepshead

catfish1.gif (3548 bytes)

Three Men and a Flathead

susan1.GIF (3056 bytes)

Susan's sea's Red

Third Place Trout
97 Tournament lower coast

kentrout1.GIF (3125 bytes)

Ken's Sabine Trout


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