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Welcome to the Hammer-Time Fishing Pages.. For those of you just dropping by for the first time this our new look for the 98 fishing season.   Hopefully it will load faster than the older version.  For those who are familiar with the old home page we still kept it around for sentimental  reasons.

During the year we will be doing some changing and rearranging in hopes to bring you the reader just what you want in a Gulf Coast Fishing web site..  We appreciate all suggestion and comments, even the criticism, since we are pretty thick skinned around here and don't take ourselves too seriously...

With the El Nino' weather phenomenon finally coming to a close, which to   me still sounds more like a Mexican Wrestler...  We would like to thank Mr.   Nemo for all the warm weather he has headed our way.  Which should hopefully translate into some excellent fishing this summer season... With the s unseasonably warm weather this past winter the bait fish as well as the game fish species should have had a easy time of time of foraging for food.  Hopefully helping those otherwise 7 LB trout putting on some additional weights these past few months, translating into some nice size 10 plus pound trout just about the time for the CCA tournament...

Which reminds me the CCA tournament is just a few short months away.   Those anglers that have not gotten out there to check out those old hot spots of last year should do so now...  With this years prizes being bigger and better than last, fishermen wanting to grab those prize winning trout for a boat should be spoon feeding them right about now and marking their location for the tournament right around the corner.

For those who need a little refresher course before wetting a lure check out Jim foster article on springtime fishing.  Not only appropriate for the lower coast but you can use most the techniques just about anywhere along the Texas coast.

Also check out our new section Texas Fishing.   Which will have a little of  anything and everything that we might think readers out there may find useful and helpful. If you have anything that our readers may find useful be sure to send it in...

Also new for this month is our joke of the week. This week is submitted by me but quite a few of the readers have been sending me some through the e-mail with one individual leading by a wide margin though we won't mention any names...  We will be posting a new one each week, so send in those jokes fishing or otherwise and see if yours gets posted...

That all the updates for this week.  Hope everyone has a excellent 98 fishing season. Remember to take those younguns along it not only good for them, but also is a lot of fun for the older anglers out there as well. Be sure to drop by often and tell a friend about the pages...   Don't do much advertising and word of mouth is the way we have built our readership... Also check out our conference room and post some messages on where they are biting and on what... For those who would like to try the chat room the official time will be Friday nights starting around 7:00, will start to log on then and see if anybody out there...  Ya'll come back now hear!!!

Editor and Chief Custodian:
Keith Nelson
For information about these pages, email me at Keithn@hammer-time.Com

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Sunday, May 03, 1998 12:36:06 PM