A fishermen's story is only limited to the length of his arms.


Man who follow the seagulls when fishing
Should be sure to always wear his hat..

Man who like to go fast in shallow water is like an ostrich
Both eventually end up with head stuck in sand...


The bigger the shrimp, the bigger the Hardhead..


Sunscreen is rated by screening factors,
Sunburns are rated by slap on back factors..


E = MC2
Patience = Hook ups
Experience = fish landed
Fishing = good times
good times = memories


Long pole, heavy weight, big bait,
Does not go well with crowded pier...


The colder the water,
The bigger the waves..


Trophy Trout most enduring quality,
is not Mountability but Memorability..


Catch and Release is the gift that keeps on giving


Fishing is not a waste of time,
it is a waste of time not fishing..


A Redfishs best friend is a spool of old line..


A Guide with gills and flippers is hard to find..


Luck is often confused with Experience..


Difference between a Dry fly and Wet fly,
A Dry fly never caught a fish..


Difference between a lottery winner, and a fishermen lottery winner,
A lottery winner dream of a big pool,
while a fishermen lottery winner already has a big pool,
He just needs a boat to get around in it...


Man who dips Snuff, should not fish with can of worms...


Man who leaves bait in trunk, will be reminded of error in a couple of days..


Redfish are sometimes like newborn babies,
they sometimes have to be spoon-fed once in awhile..


The most important fishing equipment that a fishermen need to bring along
is the plug for the boat..


The best way to ensure you will not be see another fishermen out on the bay,
is for your motor to break down...


President Clinton would make a great fishermen,
He never gives up his secret hot spots...


Offshore boats are like magnets to summer Thunderstorms..

Anglers always know when the best days to fish are,
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and sometimes Friday..


A fisherman without a camera, is like artist without his brush...


If it were called Catching, no one would go hungry...


The best fish an angler ever catches,
are the ones that get away...