Freeze Frame

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What could be arguable the most important accessory in your tackle box, other than the obvious your rod and reel…Something that all novice and professional fishermen should never leave home without. Hint, were not talking about an American Express card, though that can also come in handy. An especially important piece of fishing gear for those special fishing expeditions down south or some really exotic locations. A piece of fishing equipment that may be worth it's weight in gold when you finally land that once in a lifetime 30 plus inch trophy trout. Maybe just as high in importance as that prop you didn't realized you left sitting on the workbench at home on that rare occasion. Something that should be just as high on every fishermen's checklist as gas, boat plug, bait, and suntan lotion. Well if you haven't guess it yet the answer is your camera!

Many the times or maybe not that many now that I think about it, I have caught a lets say above average fish, and not have something to back up the experience. Only to get home, line up the fish on the pavement and snap a few pictures of kids and adults looking as fresh as the fish they were holding. Which is better proof than nothing but still it doesn't come close to capturing the moment. That story can only be told when you have a camera ready in one hand and the net in the other.. Right after the lucky angler realizes just how big the fish is he has been fishing for the last ten minutes… That is the expression you want to capture for posterity. Those magic moments that can never be imitated, at the exact moment when the anglers adrenaline is racing as well as the fish's. Not four hours later when most kids and adults as well have to be woke up from their rides home from a day of hard fishing, only to pose with a not so fresh smelling fish while Dad snaps his picture.

I'm sure we all have seen our fair share of fishing pictures, and probably all of us can tell the difference between the one snap right after the fact and those snapped days later. More times than not the background settings is enough to give us a clue. One with the sunset and shoreline in the background, with junior grinning ear to ear… Trying his hardest to hang on to that 28 inch speck and get it in the frame without loosing a few fingers in the process. Then there are those pictures that show a 68 Chevy in the background waiting to get rebuilt, with a sunbleached wooden fence garbage can for horizon settings. You tell me which one would look better hanging on the wall, and which one will soon find it's way up to the attic to collect dust.

The solution is simple, especially in this day and age of cheap disposable camera at the five and dime store.. There shouldn't be any excuses for those Texas anglers, especially those that are known to spin a talltale every now and then, not to have a camera on board. For those fishermen that truly enjoy a day of fishing even when catching fish is not the top priority Just getting out on the water and enjoy what nature has to offer is more important than the actually act of fish catching. To observe all those special sights likes pelicans diving for bait fish, or a pod of Dolphin cruising the jetties in search of a meal.. Maybe you enjoy those fantastic sunsets that occur about this time of the year from the cooler air and warmer waters changing the horizons into deep reds as the sun hits the water off in the distance.. Then you may want to opt for a little bit better piece of memory making technology than a cheap film in a box variety.

To get those outstanding pictures you may need a camera that will allow you to switch lens as well as f-stop once in awhile. Spend a little extra cash and buy a waterproof carrying case and all the gizmos that go along with it… Spring for a few reels of nice 400 or at least 200 speed film and get out there and shoot… You may surprise yourself and actually have a eye for capturing a good picture every now and then… It also helps take up your time when the fish aren't always biting like we wish they were. Who know before you realize the transformation your main priortity may become looking for good settings for that perfect picture. And fishing ever now and then may become just an after thought..

So this year while your racking up on all those red and trout be sure to bring along the camera for a few Kodak moments.. Instead of looking off in the distance for birds feeding on baitfish you'll also be looking for interesting cloud formations. Searching the shorelines, not for tailing reds but old shipwreck shrimp boats, and pristine marshes where cranes wade the waters in search of food. The next time your brother-in-law tries to lip a Trout or Spanish Mackerel like a large-mouth bass. Coming back with a bloody nub for his efforts. You'll be ready to freeze that surprised look on his face for eternity. And finally when that 10 year old Trophy Trout decides to hit your lure that you been chunkin his way for the same amount of time. The decision won't have to be whether or not to have him mounted with a lure in his mouth or chasing a threadfin. Your only decision will be in having the pictures blown up to 10 by 14 or poster size, and what type of frame you might want. And remember once you get those moments down of film be sure to send one into pages, we always looking for some fresh pictures to post!!