Murphy's Law

And How It Pertains To Fishing!!!!!

I'm sure we all have heard the phase of Murphy's Law. If not here it is, " if something can go wrong it usually will!!!" This tongue in cheek law unfortunately does seem to hold true in some instances, usually the more critical the need for things to go according to plan, is when this peculiar law takes effect. Its' jurisdiction by no means is limited to saltwater fishing. But for some unknown reasons seem to wield it powers more toward person with saltwater in their veins. Much as in the case of the dreaded H.I.A decease that is discussed in the Medical Advisor Page.

With some preparedness most anglers can contain the misfortuneate occurrences to the water. With good maintenance on truck and trailer Murphy's situations shouldn't reek its havoc on our fishing expeditions before we can at least feel the cold, salty spray hitting our face on our way to the favorite fishing hole.but once out on the water all the preparations in the world most of the time go by the wayside. With all the continuing changing variables that saltwater anglers face it is no wonder our numbers are among the most hit by the Murphy law syndrome. I'll try to share some of the stories I have come across in my research of this strange phenomenon in hope it can save a few of those few and far between fishing expeditions turning into disaster!!!

The first has to deal with weather conditions. Many a time I have set sail under near perfect conditions, only to race back to shore under the fire of Texas size rain drops piercing my face like some back alley tattoo artist. Or be enjoying a leisurely day offshore and have 3 mile by 3 mile band of thunder storm swoop down on you faster than teenager after a bag of potato chips. Number one rule is never pay any attention to any sort of weather forecaster be it from the television or radio. Especially pay no mind to the Noah weather station forecast, I'm not sure where they get their information but most of those early morning forecast they must be playing computer games to while away the hours instead of watching the weather radar. The only other job that comes to mind where a workers percentages of doing this right and still getting paid is in baseball, but at least there you have to deliver 1 out of 3 times or else get traded . Weather men just keep putting information out there with no regard to the anglers much awaited plan for the weekend!!

Which brings me to my almost never fail Murphy Law for saltwater fishermen. That is if the weather is perfect during the week, you can almost bet your boat's pink slip that the weekend weather is going to suck!!!! The more anticipated the weekend outing and the nicer the weather during the week. Has a direct correlation on how bad the weekend weather will be. That is why when you finally book a once in a lifetime Marlin fishing trip in Mexico. You would be wise to find a bookie to take a wager on a hurricane hitting your resort that particular date. This way you will at least come out with something in the deal!! This portion of Murphy Law does not apply to those fortunate enough to fish during the weekdays cause they are the ones always telling us those fabulous fishing reports, that build our hopes up for the weekend. In fact in cases such as retirees and guides I think there is an Anti-Murphy's Law that pertain to this particular species of fishermen!!!!

Next on the list pertains to bait. Especially those surprising jumbo shrimp that somehow get mixed up with those truly shrimpy shrimp in those 10 dollar quart of bait. On my boat these giants of the live well are almost always left for the finally cast. No matter where upon the vast fishing destinations of the Texas Gulf Coast you may be. If you decide to put one of the jinxed Jumbo's on your treble hook you will most definitely be slapping a hard head, croaker or dogfish off the end of your pole before your bait reaches the bottom. Again the anti- murphy law comes into effect in these situations when looking though your shrimp supply always pick the most diminutive, sometime oddly deformed shrimp you can find. These will most assuredly catch one of those wall hanging trophy trout, or rod busting bull reds. If the lure manufactures ever caught wind of this little known phenomenon there would most certainly be a mad rush at the lures display of some of the most grotesque shrimp imitations the world has ever seen!!!!

And the final bit of information that pertains to Murphy's Law of saltwater fishing is you tackle, especially your line. No matter what the test be it 12lb up to 100lb, if there is the slightest bit of evidence of a fray in your line and you are foolish enough to throw it back into the water, rebait, without re tieing a new leader. You will inevitable catch the bigger fish of your fishing career!!! Which will always get up to boat a tease you with a good look at his massive size, before the end of your rod slaps you between the eyes when the line decides to break!! If you think I'm lying just watch the original movie of Jaws, when Quint first hooks the great white and notice what happens to his line. A little known movie fact is that he was suppose to bring the shark in to tag it. But in the previous take they mistakenly hooked a Marlin and did not retie his line before going for the next shoot. Then Speilberg got mad and threw a fit and just used the messed up version in the film!!!

So what the moral in all these little known fishing facts?? I don't really know! I guess if you try to do the opposite of what you think will work you may come out a head at the fish cleaning station. And when you have one of those can't miss bait be it artificial or live. And your still determined to cast it out into the waiting waters hoping for that once in a lifetime trout. Just be sure you have your trusty needle nose handy to extract that hard-head on the end of your line when you finished reeling it in. Then grab that old rusty, teeth marked, trusty lure and tie it on the line. Or better yet pick out the ugliest shrimp you can find and go ahead and use your cellular phone and call your favorite taxidermist. Tell him as soon as this shrimp reaches the bottom you'll be bringing him a trout for him to mount. And remember there is no use trying to avoid these little known fact. ""Cause it's the Law, and if you try to fight the law, the law always Wins!!!" John Cougar Mellencamp