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Broiled Red Snapper Vera Cruz Sauce


1 1/2 pound Red Snapper 1 tsp.oil or butter
1 Tbls. chopped scallions 1 large shallot
1 tomato peeled and chopped 1 Tbls. chopped celery
1 Tbls. finely chopped green pepper 1 lemon or lime (juice)
3 mushrooms, finely chopped 3 cloves garlic diced fine
Salt , black pepper, cayenne pepper to taste 1 tsp. red salsa or to taste


Season fish with salt, pepper and lemon or lime juice. Combine all other ingredients in the butter and simmer covered, until flavors are blended. Broil fish about 6 minutes on each side on rack closest to heat. Test with fork. When fish flakes, it is done. Do not overcook. Add juice from broiler pan to sauce. Pour Vera Cruz sauce over the broiled red snapper. Serve with rice.

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