Do Fish Ever Get Tired Of Eating Seafood??


To borrow a classic line from the movie Author, where Dudley Moore ponders the some of life's question. Got me to thinking, do fishing guides ever get tired of fishing???? Although a majority of us would consider this a dream come true. Not fully realizing the headaches involved packing a bunch of crappy fishermen around on their first trip to the big lake. To help put this more into prospective think back to the good old days or present days what ever maybe the case. When you were first teaching your young-uns the fine art of saltwater fishing. Try to recall the thousand of miles of fishing lines cut loose from hopelessly tangled reels. Or the hours spent retying leaders that had broken off, snagged on those Charlie Brown rocks along the jetties. With these images fresh in ones minds just imagine having to do this on a daily basis to a boat- load walleye fishermen from Michigan. You would think that most coastal guides would want to get as far away from the daily routine as possible, but this did not turn out to be the case, more the exception. Most guides that I talk with were content do a little lure chunkin on their own during those rare summer days when they were not book for a charter.


While researching this peculiar quirk of human tendencies I came across some interesting statistic. According to recent poles the two most popular recreational hobbies in the United States today are Fishing and Golf. With both being fairly seasonable, although down south both can be enjoyed almost year round, except for a few months of the year. Which incidentally coincides with the same time that the N.F.L season is in full swing. Another contributing factor that baseball has fallen to a new low, behind football and basketball, not taking into consideration the strike!!! And since most guides are fully loaded for fishing it only makes sense this is the venue most would chose to unwind from those stress filled days of charter fishing. While the second most popular sport, Golf is not far behind on guide things to do list for recreation.

When looking trying to look from a non-bias distance at the two sports and their participants one begins to see striking similarities in each. For instance both are very addictive. Scientist has proven it is easier to kick a thousand dollar a day heroin habits, than try to quite cold turkey at either hobby. In fact most fishermen/ golfers will try their utmost to participate in their respective hobbies. Be it a driving rain or sweltering heat wave cannot keep most off the water or the links. The only naturally phenomenon that drive both hobbyist from their field of interest is a lighting storm!!


The second most common trait, are both hobbies are very expensive to participate in on a consistent basis. Try pricing a set of ping golf clubs or the all too familiar combination rod and reel. Add in all the green fees, cart rentals, gas for the truck and boat, and bait and lure prices, you'll start to get the idea!!! With both hobbies having a substantial beer price tag to go along with the day's events, another quality that both hobbies seem to have in common. It doesn't take long to reach the old credit card limit for those of us not fortunate enough to sustain these habits of Kings!! And last but not least are the outstanding panoramic views that both hobbies provide their participants. With golf courses usually found on some of the most expensive real estate in the United States. While sport-fishing settings derive their beauty from old Mother Nature herself. So there is little wonder why both of these particular hobbyist stray to far from their hobby/ work environments


So there is little wonder why those few lucky people who make their living playing kids game for a living, opt for a day of relaxation either fishing or golf or both!!! How many times during the N.B.A finals have you heard fans complaining that Michael Jordan played twenty- four hole of golf. Although some future hall of fame's may find it too strenuous (ak. Tiger Woods). Or tuned into you favorite fishing show to see Nolan Ryan hoisting monster trout that someone is putting on his hook just out of camera range. Just goes to prove my point that most of us find walking the hills and chunkin lures all day during a heat wave somehow relaxing??? Although there is always the exception to any rule, for instance George Foreman pitching his new fat free cooking utensil on cable. Yeah, George looks like that is really cuttin the grease all right!!! Or Dennis Rodman on sitting next too, or on the modeling runway checking out the new fashion lines, I don't think it's the tattoos or the hair color that make you different Dennis, you think!! For the most part it is either fishing or golf that draw the sporting enthusiast. While the majority of our sports idols are choosing golf as their stress-reliving hobby of choice. Those numbers are starting to change in favor of fishing and the great outdoors.


With the release of the movie "A River Runs Through It". Many a well-known face is showing up along our magnificent grassy coastal shoreline with fly rod in hand. While many of these same anglers are showing up on those ever increasing fishing shows on cable. For the most part the art of sport fishing has appealed more to the higher I.Q, stress riddled, CEO's of the business world. Mostly due to the fact that to fish all those exotic fishing destinations you either had to be born there or have lots of money to get there. With such pioneers as Hemmingway, Roosevelt, and even the Kennedy's who enjoy a nice romp on the beach as much as the next man. Big time sport fishing was looked upon like big game hunting, a sport for Kings. Although some remote fishing destinations still fall in this upper class accessibility only confines. With continuing efforts from our Parks and Wildlife department and environmental enthusiast, there are still plenty of accessible pristine waters for Joe Blow fishermen to spend the day chasing tailing redfish along our coastal waters.


So the next time you wading the water along Capona Bay in search of that perfect trout. Don't be surprise when you notice a tall lanky dude high stepping toward you with tennis shoes and a bulls hat. With a tendency to bet on just about anything, you may find yourself 100,000 dollars ahead on big trout with him still wanting to go double or nothing. Take my advice and quite while your ahead, had to wait until 3 in the morning before he finally caught a trout that could top mine. There is nothing more pathetic than watching a sport idol you grew up watching performing miracles on the television, crying with a hardhead in hand as you head toward the shore!! After-all this is suppose to be stress-reliving day on the water for us too!!!!