"Just Wadestin' Time"

In all aspects of modern life there seems to be a countless variety of achievements that we all strive for, be it in education, work and especially in sports. All of us are always reaching for that top rung on the ladder of success, it is they way we were brought up by our parents. The way the educational system is geared in their grading system of pass and fail. And how the business world rewards it's over achievers in monetary rewards for a job well done. This is widely regarded as the "American Way!!!"

In sports the situation is no different, there are always gauges where competitors can measurement their accomplishments against the competition. There also exist that magical top rung of ladder when the participants of a particular sport know when they have reach the pinnacle of success in their individual field of choice. They are example throughout the sports world. In College basketball it was the recent March Madness tournament, where Arizona's Wildcats emerged victorious this year. In professional basketball it is the N.B.A finals. Football is the super bowl, baseball has the world series, Hockey the Stanley Cup, and professional bull riders I think is the Golden Cup, for obvious reasons.

But in all this turmoil of thinking up new titles for all the different sports to acknowledge their participants in reaching their final goals. Just look at professional boxing where there seems to be a new title up for grabs each week. The sport fishermen (a.k saltwater angler) has been overlooked. Granted, saltwater fishing may never be recognized by the Olympic Committee as an official Olympic sport, although that is what they said about Secronized Swimming!! If the so called sport of golf can get prime time national television for their ultimate achievement the Master Tournament. Then I believe we saltwater fishermen should have some sort of final goal to allow us to know when we have reach our own personal mountain top. Talk about a contradictory to the term of sportsmen. When the most physical thing a professional golfer does nowadays is to bend down to line up a putt. Heck they don't even carry their own golf clubs they have caddies that tote there clubs around for them. And with a moments notice can spit out detailed information on wind direction, club selection, and the precise distance to the hole. It as if they carry around a G.P.S strapped to the side of their golf bags. All the golfer has to do is swing an ultra-lite graphite club at a non moving ball, how hard can that be!!!!

For the lonely sport fishermen when asked, most will describe their ultimate fishing goal is to someday be on the back deck of a 30+ foot Hatteras. Somewhere off the coast of some distant Mexican fishing destination, such as Cobo San Lucas or Cancun. Being pampered by a boat load of locals catering to his every whim. Where the hardest decision he has to make is which teaser trolling behind the boat has the biggest sailfish chasing it. And if he has enough time to finish his Corona before having to fight the sail that has been hooked by his Amigo!! If you look it at that way I guess the sport of golf and sportfishing do have allot in common. But unfortunately just as most golfers will never play the Master's, so is the realization that not many of us saltwater anglers will ever get the opportunity to sit in that fighting chair on the back of some yacht in Carribean waters.

So let me provide a suitable alternative for saltwater anglers of all types land bound as well as those who spend countless hours searching for their quarry on the vast ocean waters. This fishing destination is found all along our Texas gulf coast. From the fertile waters of Sabine Lake to the bays so close to Mexican waters that you can smell the aroma of frajita's smoking on the grill from the nearest cafe'. And all it takes is a little patiences, a good map or experienced fishing buddy. All along the coast line are thousand of miles of perfect, pristine shoreline accessible by either boat or land. Once discovered as hot spots for holding trout and redfish they will continue to be productive fishing hot zones year and after year. For what ever reason these areas tend to hold fish, be it current, structure or proximity to deeper water, these variables will not change drastically over time. So once discovered make a good mental note or log in the position on the GPS as an old stand by for good future fishing action. And if your newly found fishing hole is on the exceptional side, where trout in the 20+ plus class can be caught on a regular basis. Then you will grow to appreciate why all those salty old anglers you once admire around the docks go to such great lengths on keeping their honey holes well guarded secrets.

But the art of wadefishing is not all about stringers so heavy you may have to buy a membership to a nearby fitness club in order to build up your muscle for those long walks back to the boat, laden with limits of trout. No the beauty of this art is just that, the beauty, of all the different surroundings that you will be fishing. It is the almost religious experience that will magically transform your outlook on these familiar surroundings that you have been fishing all these years. And the wonderful way this type of fishing helps relieves pent up stress so well. As in the old television series Kung-Fu, you must become one with nature Grasshopper!!! Look intently at all your surroundings, this will not only help your outlook on life in general, but will also help when catching the fish you are after. Notice the birds diving into the water after the bits of scrapes of bait fish that the trout are devouring. Stare at the mirror like surface of the water of the flats. And observe how just one redfish tail can send seemly miles of ripples while he is feeding on crustaceans. Check out the hundreds of fiddler crabs along the shoreline as they feed on leftover scrapes of bait fish from yesterdays trout feeding frenzy. Pay attention to the subtle changes in the water clarity of the bay water than may show trout slicks to help guide you to their location. Become keenly alert of the action of your lure as it glides along the water. How it's alluring dance along the water can entice you just as must as the trout you are after. And finally be sure to observe those magnificent sunrise and sunset that grace our coastal shorelines on a daily basis. As the old man always says "In order to catch a fish you must become one with the fish!!" And how will you know when you have become one with the fish Master? When you start to grow gills my Son!!!

Hopefully this will help starve off those constant hunger pain of purchasing a once in a life time trip to some Carrebean fishing destination. With lots of wadefishing trips those old memories will eventually fade away like some old dream of long ago. But if the opportunity does every arise! Lets say a rich Uncle leave you a huge inheritance or you win the lottery. Then by all means book the first trip to Cobo for a month long Party!!! While wadefishing is something special and the best form of fishing that I have been lucky enough to experience! There is still nothing better than a cold brew in one hand and a fishing pole in the other, attached to a record Marlin. As the old man would say ""become one with your environment my son, you may be here awhile, and hand me another Corona while your at it!!!!"" HOME