Treat Her Like A Lady!!



Although there have been some reports of Anglers out there who are braving the present conditions catching some nice stringer of trout for their efforts. This is the time of year for family gatherings. Making the time to tell those who put up with your fishing antics the other 11 or so months of the year how much you appreciate them!! To let Billy Bob, Peggy Sue and Flounder, I had him after I started fishing!! How much they done growed over the last 11 months.. To drop a subtle hint or two to your significant other that you hope she likes your Christmas gift this year as much as the new depth finder you got her last year!! To give your dog Buford a nice big ham bone and pat on the head. And to spend a little time with the other woman in your life, who has put up with a lot of your fishing antics over the last 11 months.

She was there when you ran across that @#$#$ unmarked oyster bed just a few short months ago. When you got lost in Baffin when the fog rolled in she didn’t complain a bit as you bounce you way back to the dock from one rock to another like a pinball in a pinball machine.. And when you stuck offshore last July with a black squall stabbing raindrops into your face all the while praying for a miracle.. She wasn’t the one who had to clean out her underwear when you finally saw land.. And finally when you ran up on that sand bar at Port O’Connor last March, she was still there helping you push backwards and forwards till you finally got unstuck.. Yeah, you and her sure had your fill of fun fishing trips this past year. So I believe it’s time to let her know just how much she means to you!!!!

So some time this month, after the family gatherings and the relatives have all gone back to the Smokey Mountain till this time next year… Take the old girl out of storage and dust off the cobwebs that accumulated on her once pristine form.. Knock off the rust and give her a good squirt of WD 40 to help protect her from the salt of next year fishing season.. Lubricate those old squeaky ball joints for another year of dancing on the waters of the nearest bay of choice.. Give a nice Christmas hot toddy of some high octane fuel to make sure the old engine still has a spark in her come spring time.. And finally if you can find the time to slip away from the family gatherings, take her for a spin around the jetties to show you haven’t forgotten about her these past few months!!!

I guarantee a little love and affection during these cold winter months will pay off big when fishing season rolls around again come tax time… Although she hasn’t complained much over the last 11 months, a little rubbing compound in the right places and you and your lady will be shining like the day you got her on your way to the bays.. The heads will turn as you pass by the other anglers, and you will say to yourself she still got it!!! Your were crazy about trading her in on a new model!!


Now before someone writes me about being a chauvinist pig I hope you realize I’m talking about my boat Hammer-Time!!! Chances of me ever finding another lady to put up with my antics like my wife are a million to one.. Fact is me winning the lottery sometime within my life is a better bet… Although if that did ever happen I’m sorry to say I would have to replace her then, my boat that is, not the wife.. She is happy to say one that I caught, that I won’t be throwing back… And hopefully you as well as my wife when she reads this BS will appreciate the fact this was all written tongue in cheek.. But if you don’t hear from me in awhile you will know she didn’t find the humor in it…

But in all seriousness, like the old Motown song goes, ""You Got To Treat Her Like A Lady, and She’ll Be Good To You"" And that my fishing buddies is good advice not only for you beloved boats. But also for any of your significant others you might want to hang on to this coming year.. So spurge for some high octane gas for your other lady next time your at the pump.. And for that special lady in your life that put up with all your fishing crap the other 11 months of the year… Diamonds or at least some Zircons are good way to stay out of the doghouse and on the Bays!!! And if your really truly blessed like I am you might have found one that enjoys fishing as much as you.. Or should I say catching, she not much into the fishing part…

Happy Holidays

And have a Great New Year!!!

Keith at Hammer-Time

Ps. Thanks for stopping by!!!