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Port O'Connor
The past couple of weeks the fishing has been fair to good on trout and reds.
The "surf" quit producing the good stringers of fish the middle of last week.
Most of the guides have been working hard most of the time to come in with a fair box of fish from the bays (W.Matagorda , Lavaca , Espiritu  Santo , and  San Antonio ) .  While the reds are in the shallows , you have to get to them before someone in a shallow running boat  comes along and runs the shorelines to show you how shallow their boat will run. The deeper shell reefs in the bays are holding some trout also. They are smaller in size than a few weeks ago (15 to 20 in.).
The following artificials have been catching fish.   Top Waters - Super Spooks & Top Dogs
 Soft Plastics- SaltWater Assassin's , Hogie's MajorMinno                                                                                                       & Swimming Jacks , & Corky's
 Hard Plastics (subsurface) MirroLures 51MR  & Catch 2000 series
Good colors , Pumpkinseed/Chart. , Plumb/Chart. , Red/White , ElectricBlue/Chart. , Strawberry/White
Live shrimp seem to catch as many fish as live croakers the past few days when you could find them.
Till next time Good Luck , GOOD FISHING , and " Be Careful On The Water "
Cap'n Red Childers
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