The Night life Ain't No Good Life

But It's The Way To Fish!!!

Tired of fighting the crowds? The constant jockeying for space along the jetties and the shoreline. After a long day of fishing are you feeling more crisp than a greasy french fry at the local hamburger stand? Are you so stress out from fighting the traffic on the way home, that you find yourself kicking the family dog as soon as you pull into the driveway? Does a day of mowing the grass and pulling weeds sound more relaxing than hooking up the boat and hitting the surf? To quote from Rod Sterling "The problem does not lie in your outboard motor." The simple answer to these and other nagging problems in your otherwise hectic and stress filled by gone day of fishing. Is to simply sleep in later. Read the morning papers' fishing report instead of listening to it on the radio at five o'clock in the morning. Eat that big breakfast and take your time getting the boat loaded for a day of fishing! Heck you can even take the family to a mall for a movie and drop by for that tackle you would have forgotten had you left hastily this morning!

Yes the answer my friend is not blowing in the wind, the answer is night fishing! Now you may say, "I've heard of Fly Fishing, Deep Sea Fishing, Surf Fishing, Tuna Fishing, Sail Fishing, Ice Fishing, Heck I've even used dynamite once!!!" "But I ain't never heard of no night fishing!!" Well step right up boy's and girl's and let me show all the wonderful and might I say almost magical things that night fishing may hold in store for you. Yes for a nominal fee you too can own one of these mystical, magical, modern day technic logical wonders of science, called a night light!! Why in no time, you can be exploring, until now unseen, marvel of the deep, dark ocean. Hold on to your seat as thousands of Glass Minnows, Needle-nose prehistoric creatures and never before seen fish magically appear before your eyes from the vasts darkness!!! Be amazed as fish after fish fight for the chance to grab hold of your hook. Try to control yourself from hyper ventilating while fumbling around the boat for nets, spotlights, cameras, and reeling in other lines with only two arms. Yes with this wonder of modern day technology you could be fishing under the lights to-night for only three easy payments of $79.95.

All joking aside, except for the price, this is really the way to beat the heat as well as the traffic! For some unknown strange reason the fish seem to be hungrier, their size bigger and the experience more exciting when catching fish under lights.The first time you hang a big fish and watch your line scream off the reel while trying to find it using a spot light shining off into the blackness. Or the pump of adrenalin as the line gets closer to the boat, your imagination racing at full throttle trying to spot the first glimpse of what on the end of your line! You'll get the feeling of excitment of catching that Trout or Red you haven't felt since a kid.Yes, this could be you enjoying all these funfilled things while not having to wipes the sun screen sweat from your eyes!!!

Unfortunately all this fun doesn't come without a price!, as you might have guessed! Besides the obvious,the cost, which usually run between $190 and $230 dollars. There is the not so obvious draw backs that only the real night fishermen know all so well. Although beating the traffic on the way to the beach is a plus. Driving home after a long night spent pulling in Bull Red after Bull Red can tend to wear one out almost as much as baking under the infra reds all day.Then there the chore of unpacking the boat after making it back home, constantly slapping yourself silly trying to stay awake. Or the weary arms you get from slapping your fishing partner to stop him from snoring while driving. Then there is the dreaded next morning, having the wonderful task of cleaning last nights catch and boat. And last but not least the fun filled next morning of having to do the daily chores that are in doubtfully waiting for you!

On second thought maybe this night fishing isn't all it's cracked up to be? That might be why you hardly ever see any body out there while your fishing? Heck maybe the people selling these lights have some sort of secret commie plot to get every one fishing at night. Then over throw the Government the next day while everyone is sleeping????? Naaaah!!!!!!!! HOME