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Guide: Tim Redden
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Rockport Area


With Pro Guide Tim Redden
Now this is living. The tides rise and the temperatures fall. These are the conditions Rockport anglers have dreamed about, and they are here. Hopefully the first front of the year will break the pattern of having fronts from the west, which blow the tide out to sea. For several years we haven't been blessed with any rising tides due to weather. The fronts would approach and our winds would stay out of the south or southwest. You see, winds will generally swing to the southeast and stack water up in the bay. The last several years have seen this pattern off a bit. The first front was true to "old" form. The higher tides have quickly helped the fishing. The following days have seen the tide creep up several inches a day, as the winds swung from north to northeast and now the east. All of these things will help to keep water in and reefs covered. As we approach these final weeks in September, the croaker fishing is winding down. I would say the majority would be over by the second week of October. All and all the season has been a good one. Not like the 93-94 years, but very consistent. The amount of boat traffic has grown, and with this the areas and style of fishing has changed. Fishermen are still catching fish. This past weekend I had the opportunity to fish for some shallow reds, no let's call them ultra shallow reds. It amazed me how single minded and hungry these fish were. Now granted, they weren't keepers, but they were just under the slot and provided some great action. The fish hit everything from Top Dogs to live piggies, and were very aggressive. This is a great sign of the fall to come. The cooling will begin to pick up all types of fishing. It should be a great fall. Until next week, Tightlines.

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