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San Antonio/ Port O'Connor Area
Kris Kelly (Coastal Waterfowl & Fishing Guide)

Bass Pro Shop Saltwater Team Report

I new when I left the house on my way to Goose Island State Park that it

there was going to be something go wrong. There was a ground haze and I just

had "that feeling". Probably the same feeling a Jumbo Jet pilot has when the

shiver runs through his plane as he drops an engine. When the shiver ran

through my truck this morning, I knew it was nothing good. As I eased around

the back of the truck, two blown and smoking boat tires. What's worse, both

were on the same side. No limping to the ramp on one tire today. Nothing

but the full "knock down, drag out, road side, knuckle bleeding, tire change"!

I got both wheels off but I couldn't get the four way between the hull of the

boat and the spare to get the lugs off. Thanks to Don and Petra Shultz with

Green Hornet Guide Service in Rockport for the assist. Don pulled over and

said "Petra's on her way with some tools". Word had gotten out that a fellow

guide was "Bowed-Up" on the side of the road so they sent the First Cavalry!

To make a long story short, I finally got to Goose Island limping on one

tire; left the dock an hour after the other boats in the party; SLAMMED A

FULL BOAT OF TROUT TO 22" ALONG WITH 2 REDFISH TO 26". I was so PO'ed by the

time we got to the fish, I though we were going to have to beat them half to


I probably moved the boat 20 times today. The fish were broadly scattered

but the bite was decent once more than three fish schools were located. The

action should have been much more concentrated given the outstanding shape

the Bay was in today. Pre-frontal lockjaw? Who knows.

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